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  1. How to calculate the Tax Payable on Capital Gain From Real Estate?
  2. What Happens If You Don't Pay Property Taxes on Your Home? | Nolo
  3. What Happens If You Don't Pay Property Taxes on Your Home?

But what about investment safety? Are tax lien certificates a safe investment? Investing in tax lien certificates is ultra-safe! What do I mean by this?

4 Things To Do AFTER you Buy A Tax Deed Property

State governments control the entire tax lien process so it is very safe and fair. The last thing the state or county wants is an unsatisfied tax lien investor. Without the investors, counties would not be able to collect the money they need to keep their governments operating. A tax lien has priority over a mortgage lien. That means that the mortgage in all but two states is eliminated. Let me be clear If the property owner fails to pay the tax bill, you get to keep the entire property for the taxes and penalties owed, often pennies on the dollar.

If you're like me, you have enough worries. Investing shouldn't be one of them. Instead of going up and down like the stock market, tax lien certificates just rise in value. You cannot find a higher return, lower risk investment than tax lien certificates.

How to calculate the Tax Payable on Capital Gain From Real Estate?

Oh, you didn't know that could be done. Well, you are in for a treat. Are you starting to feel better about this safe, higher yielding alternative to stock investing? If you thought tax lien certificates were a great, undiscovered real estate investing secret, welcome to tax deed sales. Instead of placing a lien on a property with delinquent taxes, counties in some states foreclose on the properties and sell the property for literally only the taxes owed.

And here's a little known secret. The process works like this The difference is you already own the property, but for a short period of time the owner, bank or other interested party can buy it back from you at a hefty price. Here are the Tax Deed States and Canadian provinces:. Success in life is often about finding hidden opportunities before everyone else, and tax deed sales are definitely a hidden investment opportunity. Are you still wondering if tax sale investing is for you? Look at the happy faces of a few of my students at a Texas Tax Deed Sale. I'm even having a good time. Who knew This could be YOU too!

What Happens If You Don't Pay Property Taxes on Your Home? | Nolo

You do not need a special license to invest in tax liens or tax deeds. The sales are open to the general public.

Even non-U. I will show you how to easily get a tax I. And if you are intimidated by the thought of attending a public auction, or don't want to take time off from your daily life to travel to an auction and pay the travel expenses , don't let that stop you from investing in tax lien certificates or tax deeds. Many counties in states like Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois and Indiana are now conducting their sales using Internet auctions, and this trend is only likely to continue. If you have ever purchased an item on eBay, you already know how to maneuver an online tax lien auction.

It's as easy as eBay! You can also purchase tax lien certificates and even tax deeds that were not sold at the original tax sale through the mail, usually with no competitive bidding, in Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Texas and 12 other states. For tax liens, that means you get the full interest rate allowed by state law.

And for tax deeds, that often means you can get the property for only the taxes owed.

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Let me show you what We can offer YOU. My name is Steve Gadson. I've been researching real estate investing and tax liens for a few months and have ordered all the Carlton Sheets products. They are so vague. And you can't possibly learn all the material because you can't understand the lingo. Your collection is great! It explains so much. At 27 I hope to use the information to attain my goals both financial and personal. As a professional consultant, the market has taken my position with a very affluent corporation, Verizon, and put it into much jeopardy.

My job is at stake every day! Thank you for sharing this information with people like myself who want to truly make this life successful, and take knowledge and apply it. One day after reading the first couple of sections much of the information I've been researching is finally making sense.

What Happens If You Don't Pay Property Taxes on Your Home?

Again thank you! I'll update you on my successes! Steve Gadson unsolicited response. I wanted to let you know that I've spent the last several hours reading the Rogue Real Estate Investor Collection and I'm having a great time with it. Thank you very much,. Rob Durstewitz unsolicited response. Thank you very much for the prompt response. I greatly appreciate it. Your program material looks awesome!

Lance Buser unsolicited response. William B. Brooks unsolicited response. Till Schilling unsolicited response. Larry Milligan unsolicited response. I just got my book, Rogue Investor Collection, in the mail about 3 days ago. I am so glad I found this online. This is one of the best books I have invested in and after years and years of reading about real estate, this book is going to get me in the game.

Thank you. Rick Clark unsolicited response. I also plan to attend the upcoming auction in Illinois. I'll e-mail the details of my very first auction. For example, the maximum statutory interest rate is 16 percent in Arizona and 18 percent in Florida, while in Alabama the rate is fixed at 12 percent, according to the National Tax Lien Association, or NTLA, a nonprofit that represents governments, institutional tax lien investors and servicers.

The winner of a tax lien certificate is typically the investor willing to accept the lowest interest rate. The property owner has a redemption period — generally one to three years — to pay the taxes plus interest. If the property owner fails to pony up the property taxes by the end of the redemption period, the lienholder can initiate foreclosure proceedings to take ownership of the property. But that rarely happens: The taxes are generally paid before the redemption date.

The interest rates make tax liens an attractive investment. Liens also are first in line for repayment, even before first mortgages. You have to understand the details. The auctions can be held on the Internet or in person and work in several different ways, depending on the municipality. One is known as bidding down the interest rate. The municipality establishes a maximum rate, and the bidder asking for the lowest interest rate beneath that maximum wins the auction. Another variation involves bidding a premium on the lien. The bidder who offers to pay the highest premium above the lien amount wins the auction.

The premium can earn interest and may be paid back to the lienholder at redemption, but not always.

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