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  1. WWE's The Big Show to Star in Netflix Family Sitcom | Screen Rant
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  3. WWE Superstar Big Show On Dramatic Weight Loss: ‘It’s John Cena’s Fault’

After busting Big Show open by breaking one of the plexiglass pods with his face, Lashley speared and pinned him to claim the ECW Championship. On December 6, following an unsuccessful rematch, WWE. Wight was introduced as Paul "The Great" Wight. He stated that "Big Show" was his slave name and that he didn't want to be owned anymore. Wight lost the match after Hogan picked him up and bodyslammed Wight and pinned him following the leg drop. A noticeably slimmer Wight returned to WWE under his last used ring name The Big Show, at No Way Out , on February 17, stating that he has lost pounds, previously weighing at least pounds when he took time off from injuries.

Wight then attempted to attack Rey Mysterio after his World Heavyweight Championship match with then champion Edge but got into a physical confrontation with boxer Floyd Mayweather, Jr. The confrontation ended with Mayweather breaking Wight's nose with a punching combination.

Big Show was then assigned to the SmackDown brand. During the bout, he received a black eye and deep gash along the eyebrow, which required stitches after John Morrison swung a Singapore cane to his knee, which caused Show to fall with the steps. As he fell, the steps accidentally moved to the right, which hit Show in the eye. He went on to defeat Undertaker by knockout at No Mercy. Once again, he was unsuccessful as Cena won. Champion Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne among others.

He would go on to develop a feud with Kingston for the U. Title and earn himself a spot in the six-pack challenge at Night of Champions. At the event, Big Show was announced as Chris Jericho 's new tag team partner due to Edge needing time off to tend to an injury, thus taking Show out of the six-pack challenge for the U. Big Show received his title shot at Survivor Series in a triple threat match against The Undertaker and Jericho, but the Undertaker successfully retained his title. As a member of the SmackDown roster, Jericho could only appear on Raw as a champion and so DX intentionally disqualified themselves in a rematch to force Jericho off the show.

Eventually the teams had a match with a definitive finish, though DX still won, signalling the end of Jeri-Show. At Extreme Rules ShoMiz was in a tag team gauntlet match where the tag team that beat ShoMiz would get a tag title match the next night on Raw. However, the third team, the Hart Dynasty managed to beat ShoMiz and thus they earned their title shot. After the title loss, he hit The Miz with a knockout punch and hugged Teddy Long, thus Show turned face for the first time since He returned to the brand on the April 30 episode of SmackDown , and was subsequently named the number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship , later on in the night he interrupted World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger as he was giving his "State of Championship Address" and knocked him out with his signature punch.

WWE's The Big Show to Star in Netflix Family Sitcom | Screen Rant

After Swagger was disqualified, Show chokeslammed him through the announce table. He would also crash Swagger's achievement celebration and cost his match with Kofi Kingston in the following weeks. Long then announced due to Jack Swagger losing his match with Big Show via disqualification at Over the Limit, Big Show qualified automatically, but was unsuccessful in this attempt. The following night, Swagger debuted his new finishing move The Ankle Lock applied the submission move on Big Show, thus injuring his ankle and continuing their feud. Later that night, Big Show fought Swagger to a double count-out.

Braun Strowman vs Big Show April 17th 2017 WWE RAW

After failing to win the ladder match for the Money in the Bank contract, he fought the mysterious masked member of the SES also unmasking him revealing Joey Mercury as the masked member. At the event, Big Show was counted out with Sheamus during the match but his team ultimately won with Edge and Rey Mysterio left on the team.

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The following episode of SmackDown , he was unsuccessful in qualifying for King of the Ring as he was defeated by Alberto Del Rio by count-out thanks to interference by his personal ring announcer, Ricardo Rodriguez. He lost due to interference by former Nexus leader Wade Barrett. Moments later Ezekiel Jackson appeared to help him, but instead attacked Big Show.

In the following weeks, the Corre continued to assault Show, due to the size and power of Ezekiel Jackson. Big Show would feud with the Corre in the following weeks. However, a miscommunication led to Kane turning on the Corre. Big Show and Kane thus reunited to take on the Corre. He and Kane then started feuding with the New Nexus.

After losing the titles, Show was run over by Alberto Del Rio 's car, driven by his ring announcer Ricardo Rodriguez , and was sidelined with an injury for almost a month. Show then began feuding with Mark Henry after he attacked and injured him on the June 17 edition of SmackDown , as Big Show's frustrations and anger towards Del Rio was redirected unintentionally to Mark Henry. Henry retaliated by attacking Big Show during his match on Capitol Punishment and hitting him with the World Strongest Slam through the announce table, thus costing Show his match against Del Rio.

Henry did same thing on Kane through the announce table the next day on Raw after their arm wrestling match, and again on the June 27 episode. He then attacked Show with the cage door, breaking the cage viciously. After the match, Henry fractured Show's fibula, keeping him out of action for almost four months. On the October 7 episode of SmackDown , Show returned to SmackDown and became number-one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship after he attacked Mark Henry and chokeslammed him through the announcer table.

At Vengeance Big Show fought Henry to a no contest after the ring collapsed following a superplex from Henry, similar to his match with Brock Lesnar in This time less damage was done, and the damage mainly occurred around the lower right hand ring post. Show would up being taken out on a motorized cart with a flatbed. Show faced Mark Henry for the World Heavyweight Championship once again at Survivor Series winning via disqualification when Henry hit Show with a low blow, afterwards he leg dropped a steel chair on Henry's leg, much like what Henry did to Show months before.

Show challenged Bryan for his world title on the January 6, episode of SmackDown , but Bryan retained his title by disqualification when he goaded Mark Henry into attacking him. The following week on SmackDown , Show received a rematch for the title contested under no disqualification, no count-out rules. Bryan again retained his title as the rematch ended in a no contest after Show accidentally crashed into AJ Bryan's storyline girlfriend at ringside, injuring her.

At the Royal Rumble event, Show faced Bryan and Henry in a triple threat steel cage match for the world title, but Bryan escaped the steel cage to retain his title. In the following weeks, Show would begin a feud with Rhodes after Rhodes would highlight Show's embarrassing moments in previous WrestleMania s, often costing Show to lose matches in the process.

Show's feud with Rhodes would continue with Show highlighting embarrassing moments in Rhodes' career. After only a four-week reign, Show would lose the title back to Rhodes at Extreme Rules in Tables match. Show received his rematch on the May 7 episode of Raw SuperShow , where he defeated Rhodes via countout after he walked out on the match. After a series of confrontations with General Manager John Laurinaitis , he was fired by Laurinaitis for making fun of his voice on the May 14 episode of Raw. The following night on Raw , Big Show explained that his actions were of necessity to keep his job in the WWE, therefore resulting in Laurinaitis re-signing him to an "ironclad contract with a big fat bonus", also stating that nobody showed him any sympathy when he got fired.

At the pay-per-view, Show was defeated by Cena in the cage match; as per the match's stipulation, Laurinaitis was fired. He would continue the attack on Cena until The Rock made the save. At the event, however, Show would be unsuccessful in winning the championship as Punk would go on to retain the title. Show returned on the September 24 episode of Raw , attacking Brodus Clay and Tensai during their match.

WWE Superstar Big Show On Dramatic Weight Loss: ‘It’s John Cena’s Fault’

Show received his title opportunity on October 28 at Hell in a Cell , where he defeated Sheamus to win the World Heavyweight Championship for the second time. On November 18 at Survivor Series , Show would lose a title rematch to Sheamus via disqualification, retaining the World Heavyweight Championship as a result. Show received his rematch in another Last Man Standing match at the Royal Rumble , but was again defeated by Del Rio when he used duck tape to prevent Show from getting up. Orton and Sheamus were then allowed to pick a third partner in a six-man tag team match against The Shield at WrestleMania 29 and originally chose Ryback.

However, on the March 18 episode of Raw , Ryback was booked in an another match at the event, leaving the spot open. Later that night, Big Show saved the two men from an attack by The Shield and was immediately recruited as their partner. The following night on Raw, Orton and Sheamus faced off in a match to earn a match against Big Show, however, the match ended in a no contest after Show interfered. Show was then defeated by both men in handicap matches, first on the April 12 episode of Smackdown via count-out and second on the April 15 episode of Raw via pinfall. That same month, Show took time off from WWE to deal with an pre-existing torn labium injury, sidelining him for two months.

It was announced on the July 19 episode of SmackDown , that Show would be returning on the July 22 episode of Raw , however, Show did not appear due to a lingering knee injury.

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On the following episode of Raw , as a result of speaking out against COO Triple H , Show was placed in a three-on-one handicap tornado tag team match against The Shield, which Show lost. Additional punishment followed with Show being forced to sit ringside and watch his friends being attacked by The Shield at risk of being fired. When show attempted to revolt on the September 30 episode of Raw , he was almost arrested for threatening to knock out Triple H but Stephanie McMahon would come to his aid and would insult him afterwards. He returned later in the night after the main event and attacked the Shield and proceed to knock out Triple H.

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  • On the October 18 edition of SmackDown , Show made an unannounced in-ring appearance using a ticket signed by Daniel Bryan. After both attempted to reming Show of his terminated status, Big show retaliated by saying "as a man who has lost everything, I have nothing to lose", followed by knocking out Brad Maddox before exiting the ring.

    On the October 21 episode of Raw , Big Show appeared via satellite to air out his grievances with Triple H and Stephanie even mentioning a lawsuit against the Authority before he was shut-off mid-sentence by Stephanie McMahon herself. He later appeared in the broadcast driving a semi truck during the contract signing between Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton.

    Show would then get barred from Hell in a Cell and the following episode of Raw, although this would not stop Show appearing on Raw. He was then forced to compete in a handicap match against the Shield and Randy Orton. Big Show won the match by disqualification after Kane, who recently pledge alliance to the Authority, distracted him. The Shield proceed to triple powerbomb him through the announce table. The following night on Raw, Show and Cena teamed up against their Survivor Series opponents Orton and Del Rio however Show was once again unsuccessful and was sent home due to head trauma.

    Lesnar then called out any wrestler who wanted to stop him, which resulted in Mark Henry answering the challenge and the two brawling until Lesnar speared Henry through the ringside fan barricade and hitting him with an F-5 on the arena floor. Following this, Big Show came out and confronted Lesnar, which led to a short physical confrontation between the two, with Show throwing Lesnar across the ring. Heyman accepted the challenge on behalf of Lesnar, and said it would take place at the Royal Rumble. Show lost at the event, and also was brutally assaulted with numerous steel chairs. In the match, Mark Henry tries to get involved again this time out of jealously which cause Big Show to get distracted and gave Rusev the chance to make him submit.

    Rusev uses the Accolade on him and Big Shoe taps out, costing him the match. Mark Henry just smiles and chuckles, and then leaves ring side. The next night on Raw, Big Show asks Mark Henry what he was doing at ring side last night and then says he almost had him. Mark Henry tells him he only went to celebrate, cause he thought he was gonna win the previous night.