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Determine what you can afford to buy. This minimum does not apply if you occupy part of the property. Assemble a team.

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Buying a rental property takes a team of professionals, so line up your MD Advisor, real estate agent, lawyer, mortgage specialist, appraiser, home inspector and insurance agent. Research average rents and ideal locations. You best bet is to buy where there are good jobs and population growth.

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Find out what the going rents are. Choose an appropriate mortgage.

Your MD Advisor will help you find the right mortgage solution to fit your financial needs. Like your home, a rental property is a valuable asset. Choosing the proper insurance can protect your property from the financial impact of an unforeseen event. Your MD Advisor can help you settle on an appropriate insurance solution.

Consider hiring a property manager. Not everyone has the time to respond to tenants and deal with repairs—especially emergency situations. Educate yourself on landlord-tenant laws.

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    So you want to be a landlord?

    Fact is, more…. In fact, in the U. Free Webcast: Your Baby is Ugly! Watch out for scams where you are asked to pay a deposit on a property that either doesn't exist or has already been rented out. Only pay a holding deposit if you're serious about taking on the tenancy. You might not get it back if you decide not to go ahead.

    You may be able to get help with a deposit through a rent deposit or bond scheme. You usually need to pay at least 1 month's rent in advance before you move in.

    So you want to be a landlord?

    If you're asked for more than this, make sure it's clear how much you've paid and when the next payment is due. Most fees for tenants are banned. You can't be asked to pay for things like credit checks or references when agreeing a new tenancy. Landlords or letting agents expect you to prove your identity, show that you are reliable and that you can afford the rent. Landlords and agents must also check your right to live in the UK.

    A credit reference agency checks if you've had problems paying bills in the past. The guarantor signs a guarantee agreement.

    Complete guide to becoming a landlord in

    It's a legally binding contract and they should check it carefully. It can be hard to find a place to rent if you claim benefits. You can't claim benefits to help with rent until you've found a tenancy.