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The Nehekharan Empire based on Ancient Egypt was the first great human empire, but due to a curse by Nagash the first necromancer they became an undead faction known as the "Tomb Kings" who now dwell in The Land of the Dead former Nehekhara. Nagash, in his efforts to find eternal life, also created the first Vampires, an entirely separate undead faction.

In the present time according to the setting's fictional timeline there are two prominent human nations: The Empire which is based on a combination of aspects of the Holy Roman Empire and Renaissance Germany, and Bretonnia , which is based on Arthurian legends and medieval France. Sigmar, founder of The Empire, wielded a mighty Dwarf-made Warhammer from which the name of the "Warhammer Fantasy" setting is derived.

There are also numerous other nations which are fleshed out in the background information but are not represented by playable factions in the tabletop game, some of which are loosely based on real-world nations from various historical periods; examples being Estalia and Tilea which reflect medieval Spain and the Roman Empire, or Cathay to the far East that is analogous to a fantastic version of Imperial China.

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The forces of disorder are often depicted as not a localised threat, but a general menace consisting of disparate factions, many of which are typically also at odds with each other. The Skaven exist in an "Under Empire" an extensive network of tunnels beneath the planet's surface , while the war-loving Orcs and Goblins are nomadic although they are most common in the Badlands, Southlands and Dark Lands and regularly amass large numbers and stage raids without warning. Similarly, Ogres are most common in the Ogre Kingdoms and in the eastern Mountains of Mourn, but are depicted as unscrupulous wandering warriors who are always hungry, who sometimes hire themselves out as mercenaries to both the forces of order and disorder.

In addition to the chaos-worshiping Warriors of Chaos who live in strange Chaos Wastes north of the other faction's lands, chaos cults often arise within human and elven nations. Beastmen are depicted as mutants dwelling deep in forests and impossible to fully eradicate.

Vampires and necromancers raising armies of undead are also depicted often as an internal threat.

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Chaos Daemons are restricted to manifesting themselves where magical energy is strongest, but this could be almost anywhere. There are a number of playable armies for Warhammer , which are representative of one or other of the factions or races that are present in the Warhammer world setting. For the first few editions of the game armies were presented in collective books like Warhammer Armies. Starting in the 4th edition individual books were released for each army. The following armies have had, during 6th edition, official rules available from the Games Workshop website.

All of these armies have since had those rules taken down and are no longer considered official armies. While still usable during 6th and 7th edition, the release of 8th edition has rendered these armies unplayable without an update. The eight main Lores of the warhammer world are used by multiple armies and races, and are the only Lores available to Empire and Bretonnian armies.